Review: GHD’s new tool finally makes volumised hair an easy feat

  • by Jacqueline Chang
If you’ve spent countless hours (and pennies) attempting to volumise your hair with a host of shampoos, spritzing and relentless teasing, you’re not alone. Bringing a little more body to our roots is something so many of us would love to achieve, but the truth is it’s often easier said than done.

Thankfully, GHD’s team of innovators have set their sights on making volumising hair an easier feat, and we think they just might have cracked it...

Inspired by the fact that, according to a global study by Coty, 30% of women look for volume or body from their styling tool (the second most important benefit, underneath more manageable hair), GHD has launched the Rise – a smart heated round brush that promises to deliver 2x the volume to limp roots. 

GHD Rise: is it worth it?

So, why invest? As always with GHD, you’re getting the very best of hair technology: The round 32mm barrel is perfectly sized to glide through any hair length without tangling (and has a cool tip for safe styling), while the internal sensor delivers a consistent 185°C temperature across the entire barrel, ensuring no one section of your hair is over-treated. The smooth nylon bristles literally glide through your hair, ensuring no tugging or pulling is necessary.

“This innovation has really got me excited. All my clients crave volumised hair, but struggle – this easy to use tool creates volume from the root, creates flicks for fringes or ends and can be used to add body throughout, whatever you want, you can get it... quickly!,” said Adam Reed, hairstylist and GHD global hair ambassador of the launch.

So far, so tempting – but how easy really is it to achieve those glossy, bouncing lengths? Actually, we found it surprisingly simple. While achieving a salon-standard curled blow-dry does admittedly take patience and practice, we found it a cinch to quickly lift roots and flick out ends, creating a soft yet noticeably bouncy look. It's ideal for quickly smoothing and shaping a fringe, too.

What's more, it works perfectly on refreshing second (or third) day hair, meaning you can go longer in-between washes. The short nylon bristles mean hair doesn't get tangled in the brush, and allow you to reach right to the roots, creating impressive volume.

Review by Goodhousekeeping

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How long do I have to wait?

Standard delivery takes 4-7 working days.

ghd Manufacturer's Guarantee?

Platinum+ Styler: 3 years

Gold Styler, Glide/Rise Hot Brush, Curve Curling Tong/Wand, Helios/Flight Hairdryer: 2 years

Air Hairdryer: 1 year.

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